Coming December 19, 2017:

From Köln, Tito Charneco Joins Four DFW Area Musicians To Create Diaspora.

Tito Charneco & Diaspora

Tito Charneco, tenor and soprano saxophones; Chris McGuire, alto saxophone and trumpet; Ben Alden McDonald, piano; Mike Luzecky, upright bass;  José Aponte, drums.

In 2012, University of North Texas jazz faculty members Brad Leali (saxophone), José Aponte (drums), Stephan Karlsson (piano), Fred Hamilton (bass), Tony Baker (trombone), and alumnus Evan Weiss (trumpet) joined Tito Charneco to record an album of original compositions under the title Diaspora. In 2014, Charneco relocated to Köln, Germany, where he performs with artists including Martin Sasse, Shannon Barnett, Drori Mondlak, Andy Hunter, and Martin Gjakonovski while continuing to study his instrument with the likes of Chris Potter, Tony Lakatos, and Johan Hörlén. This past November, Martin Sasse (piano), Martin Giaconovski (bass), Niklas Walter (drums), and Johan Hörlén (alto saxophone) joined Tito Charneco in Köln to record Diaspora’s second album, set for release in 2018. New tunes from the coming CD will be performed publicly for the first time this coming Tuesday, when Tito Charneco reconstitutes Diaspora with DFW area talent: Chris McGuire on alto saxophone and trumpet, Ben Alden McDonald on piano, Mike Luzecky on bass, and José Aponte on drums.